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Hair Biology Workshop

Follicle to Fibre: Principle to Practice

The workshop extensively covers the fundamentals and current scientific concepts of hair and scalp biology with relevance to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Intensive practical demonstrations of clinical and biophysical hair research techniques will be provided.

  • Hair biology basics including hair formation, pigmentation and the hair cycle
  • Hair Aging: Stem cells, greying, hair loss, fibre changes and consumer and market trends
  • Clinical and experimental methods and latest treatments
  • Biophysical properties of hair and implications for consumer habits
  • Fibre Modification: Origins and modification of hair shape and the impact of home use devices
  • Practical demonstrations in the proDERM Hair Clinic and Laboratory

Individuals in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry with an interest in hair and scalp biology working in

  • Product Developers
  • Regulatory Managers
  • Outsourcing Managers
  • Marketeers
  • Brand owners
  • Responsible Persons

All presentations will be in English.

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