Local Tolerance Seminar

Local Tolerance Workshop

Local tolerance is of utmost importance for topically applied products, be it a pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic or consumer product. Too often it comes into focus only when it is too late. This seminar provides an in-depth coverage of all relevant aspects.

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Statistics for Non-Statisticians

This course covers the most important statistical principles needed in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry in a concise yet comprehensive way. Restricting theory to the minimum, all ideas are illustrated on practical problems and typical data.


Claims Support Seminar

Cosmetics claims legislation that came into effect in July 2013 is having a profound if not confusing effect on the industry. Many brand owners affected are still unaware of their obligations and the lengths they need to go to reach compliance.

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Hair Biology Workshop

The workshop extensively covers the fundamentals and current scientific concepts of hair and scalp biology with relevance to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Intensive practical demonstrations of hair research techniques will be provided.

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The best award we can think of: More than 90 % of the delegates would recommend the course they have visited to a colleague.

90 % Delegate Recommendation


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